Wednesday, January 12, 2011

6-Great-Paying Jobs for Moms

Check out these mom-friendly jobs. One pays more than $50,000! Are you a mom looking to get back into the work force? Take heart. There are mom-friendly jobs out there that pay well. Here's a closer look at six mom-friendly career options with above-average salaries.

Job #1 - Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) generally provide bedside care, but can also measure and record vital signs, help deliver infants, administer medications, and teach patients about good health habits.
Mom-Friendliness: Nearly 20 percent of the nurses in this category work part-time.
Education and Training: You'll need to complete a practical nursing program, which usually lasts about one year. From there, you'll need to pass a national licensing exam to become a registered LPN.

Average Annual Salary: $40,110

Job #2 - Kindergarten Teacher
Teachers (and moms!) play a key role in the development of children and students. As a teacher, part of your job would be to create lesson plans, provide classroom instruction, and assess the progress of your students.

Mom-Friendliness: Kindergarten teachers, in particular, have the kind of flexibility that moms appreciate. Part-time schedules are common for this group of teachers, and the summer break offers time off.

Education and Training: A bachelor's degree from a teacher education program is the most common avenue to employment. All 50 states require teachers in public schools to be licensed, but those teaching in private schools do not have to be licensed.

Average Annual Salary: $49,770

Job #3 - Paralegal

As a paralegal, you could assist lawyers by conducting legal research, drafting contracts, and preparing written reports. The legal profession offers potentially high earnings and provides good opportunities to re-enter the work force after time away.

Mom-Friendliness: This field offers opportunities for flexible schedules and freelance opportunities. Some agencies and corporations will hire paralegals during busy times, offering temporary employment opportunities. Another plus: Some employers are willing to train paralegals on the job.

Education and Training: An associate's degree or certificate in paralegal studies is the most common means of entering the field. Some paralegal programs can be intensive, but only take a few months to complete.

Average Annual Salary: $48,790

Job #4 - Marketing/Public Relations/Communications Specialist

If you have strong communication skills, consider a career in marketing or public relations, where you can contribute to driving sales, promoting company brands, and keeping employees aware of news that affects them.

Mom-Friendliness: Marketing and communications jobs can work for working moms because they are so mobile. Much of the work is writing and correspondence, which can be done on a laptop (or even a mobile phone if you have agile fingers).

Education and Training: You can apply a variety of educational backgrounds to marketing and communications positions. Employers might prefer bachelor's or master's degrees in business administration (MBA), but you may also be able to transition from fields as diverse as advertising, political science, and journalism.

Average Annual Salary: $58,960

Job #5 - Personal Financial Advisor

Financial advisors help people plan their financial goals by assisting with investing, retirement, and more. If you have a strong business sense, you might enjoy the flexibility that this type of position can offer.

Mom-Friendliness: Financial advisors have the opportunity to coordinate their workload, and may be able to schedule appointments with clients in the evenings and on the weekends when needed. Working from home is also considered a viable option in this field.

Education and Training: A bachelor's degree or master's degree is generally preferred by employers. Suggested fields of study include accounting, finance, business, economics, mathematics, or law. Courses in investments and taxes, for example, are helpful.

Average Annual Salary: $92,970

Job #6 - Medical Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists listen to dictated reports by physicians and health-care professionals and transcribe the reports into text on a personal computer or word processor. Writing and computer skills are essential in this job field.

Mom-Friendliness: The options to work part-time, at home, or freelance make this a very desirable career for working mothers who want to be a part of the growing medical field. Job prospects are good for those who are certified.

Education and Training: Two-year associate's degree, or one-year certificate programs are the most popular ways into the profession. Certification, although voluntary, is possible by passing tests for Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) or Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT).

Average Annual Salary: $32,960

All salary information from the U.S. Department of Labor's May 2008 national estimates for mean annual wage.

By Tony Moton

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