Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lifetime jobs are becoming history

For those of you who think the Internet is useless or full of time wasters, pornography and violent content, (career sites) can exemplify the power and usefulness of the Internet.

The disappearance of lifetime jobs has proven an emotionally wracking market trend for many working people.
Up until the 1990s, many employees entered the workplace after completing their education, intent on pursuing a lifetime career with a single firm from which they would eventually retire.

As mergers and acquisitions abound, so does anxiety. Technology, new demands on higher education and a roaring economy are further destabilizing the traditional employment model.

Bluntly stated: If you think your job is secure now and forever, you are mistaken. Today, the average American changes jobs of seven times in their lifetime.

If you are a job seeker or potential job seeker facing all this instability, now might be the time to use some technology to your own advantage.

The Internet provides continuous access to the world's most progressive companies, as well as interactive, personalized tools making job-hunting effective and convenient.

For employers, the Net provides a cost-effective and efficient recruiting solution, including real-time job postings, complete company profiles and resume screening, routing and searching.

Searching the Web: agony and ecstasy

If you have used search engines such as Alta Vista and Lycos to look for a key word, you have been through the agony of finding thousands of Web sites relating to the word you typed.

In order to make your search more effective and precise, you must learn how to use advanced search tips. For example, if you are looking for the salaries of customer service representatives, you should type + salaries + "Customer Service Representatives" when using the search engine Alta Vista. This gets Web pages dealing with BOTH salaries AND Customer Service Representatives. Using a plus in front of each word gives fewer and precise results.

By typing "Job Description" in Alta Vista you will find results that have the two words Job Descriptions NEXT to each other. If you want more search tips, you can use the Help section at for more information.
In order to find Web pages by subject directories such as Jobs, you can use or

Career Resources on the Web

Many Web sites are dedicated to jobs and related topics:

Occupational Outlook Handbook:

On this site, you can base your search on career options, such as marketing and finance. You also can locate information about working conditions, salaries, job outlook, training and much more. This Web site is a good place to start background search on a career.

Nation Jobs:

This site has search tools to look for jobs, including many jobs in the Fox Valley. If you are interested in finding jobs in northeast Wisconsin, this should be your starting point.

This highly publicized and advertised site is a career network allowing you to search for jobs in the United States as well as parts of Europe. You can even search jobs by cities such as Appleton Green Bay, Oshkosh and more.
This site has great features and tools such as resume management component, a personal job search agent, a careers network, chat and message boards, privacy options, expert advice on job seeking and career management as well as a free newsletter.

Salary Calculator:

This site has a calculator you can use to compare the cost of living in hundreds of U.S. and international cities.

Manpower of the Fox Cities:

If you are looking for temporary jobs in the Fox Cities, Oshkosh or Green Bay, this site has a list of jobs that you can search by City or Category.

For those of you who think the Internet is useless or full of time wasters, pornography and violent content, these locations can exemplify the power and usefulness of the Internet.

On the other hand, if you are unsatisfied with — or unsure about — your career's future, this technology can offer, some peace of mind.

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