Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Bright Future Of Fashion Designing Jobs

Fashion designing job is an art of designing clothes and accessories. It is a creative and can be one of the most interesting careers. These days' youngsters are selecting fashion designing as a career because of its bright future. …..

Fashion designing is an imaginative and challenging field; those who are interested to make people look fine and comfortable can select this field. Fashion designer designs clothes in such a way that, it enhances the personality of a person along with confidence.

Fashion designer can start their own business and design for the customers according to the latest fashion season. Some designers work for film industry, television or for drama. Fashion designer may be appointed by the Garment Company for designing clothes, for increasing the sale of the product.

Fashion designing is divided into three divisions Garment designing, Leather designing, Accessory and ornament designing.

Responsibilities of Fashion Designer:

There are many responsibilities of a Fashion designer; some of them are as follows-

• Generate new and creative ideas for design
• Giving visits to the fabric showroom to receive latest fashion news and creating innovative designs
• Keeping update knowledge of new technologies and using it while designing
• Studying qualities and personality of a person and according to that designing the garments or jewellery
• Giving information to others about documentation, instructions for designing and using tools which are used in Fashion designing
• In garment designing, designer performs important activity like selecting correct cloth and designs according to the personality of a person with great finishing
• After making finished garment, arranging shows for the customer
• Always keep high quality of designs as compare to the other competitor
• Fashion designer designs clothes for men, women and for children according to the latest fashion
• Creating artistic designs for cap, handbags as well as shoes


• Capacity to generate new, bright ideas about any subject or condition, or imaginative solution to solve a difficulty
• Understanding the use of new techniques for solving problems in present as well as in future
• Good communicating skills
• Fashion designer should have basic knowledge of marketing while running own business
• Skill of creating designs quickly and innovatively
• Listening to others with full of concentration, realize on the points made by others
• Studying on relative expenses and profit of event and deciding the most suitable one
• Ability to take right decision on right time
• He/she should be mentally prepared to work under pressure because in this field variety of people comes in contact to compete with their expectation and deadlines, so you need to be very potential and innovative

Educational Qualification:

Creative aptitude is a key in fashion designing, person having good judgment of selecting color, appearance and sense of balancing along with good imaginary power can work as a fashion designer.

To work as a professional fashion designer you need to complete following qualification
• Graduation from any institute, providing special training for fashion designing
• Vocational schools provides two-year course of fashion designing

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