Friday, July 27, 2012

How Facebook can actually help you find a perfect job of your dreams?

Facebook may sometimes look like a way to simply post some pictures, chit chat with loved ones or tell your friends about your birthday, but on the other hand it can be useful in your professional career…..

 Facebook allows job seekers tap an informal network of friends or friends of friends who can play a vital role in creating success. The collections of friends you have on Facebook are more likely to have your back.

How to take benefit from it?

Modify your avatar In an online search, your avatar is usually the first thing that a potential employer sees on Facebook. So if you are in search of employment, it is significant to have a professional avatar, which can help you get hired. You should get a custom avatar which should include your contact information and it should let people know that you are looking for a job. In addition, your profile must be kept secret; it just should contain the information of your email address and the history and experience of jobs so that recruiters can reach you directly.

Make use of your status 

Using you status is a good way to tell your Facebook friends that you are looking for a job. For instance, refer to your own website, which features samples of your work and curriculum resume, or ask them to write you an e-mail if they are be acquainted with any of a good lead. Be specific when you tell your friends about what type of job or company you’re after. It will make it easier for them to help you out. We suggest that during your job search use your status to update your friends on how it goes. Do not flood friends with all the little details; try to make every status conversational and optimistic.

“Keep it real” but never get yourself appear like a saddest and most hopeless person alive.

Take out an ad of Facebook 

When you complete you degree and graduated from university, you wish to get hired for a job, so at that time you can take out an advertisement on Facebook to target the desired companies. The advertisement is seen to the Facebook users. Once you click on the advertisement, users can refer your personal website that contains your curriculum resume/CV. After that each company will be able to inform that your resume is passed on to their Human Resources department and or wish to meet you. Facebook is the fastest and easily useable platform which contains a number of job opportunities for everyone like you.

Companies where you desire to work:

Since most companies have a presence on Facebook these days, by clicking on the “like” button on the fan page of any company will be the signal that you are interested in doing a job there. In addition, it is a simple way to learn about the latest news and happenings in the company, It can be helpful with interview. Also remember some companies also place their available jobs on their page.

Always Keep it genuine 

As we all know that Facebook is a less formal network, people expect to see a more relaxed part of your personality so there is no need to bestow a professional tone. Try to present a casual as well as professional and responsible personality. It will give a great effect.

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  1. Jennifer, please explain why it is important to keep the profile secret.