Saturday, August 25, 2012

No One Likes Rejection. Here's a Great Way to Make it Work in Your Favor

You just reached the end of your phone screen or your interview and the news is not what you wanted to hear. So this individual be they a hiring manager, recruiter, or human resources person, will not be hiring you nor will they be bringing you in for a future interview…….

End of the road, right? Well, not so fast.

Nobody likes rejection, but here is one time when you can make simple human emotion work in your favor. You can use a recruiter's secret that makes rejection work in Your Favor and puts new momentum in your job search.

Here is the situation:
You just had a conversation with someone who
is a likely fountain of information about the industry.
already knows a little about your background and the fact that you showed incentive by either calling or inquiring about a specific opportunity.
would like to end the conversation on a positive note.
In short, you've got them right where you want them, especially at point (c.) above. So don't slink off the phone or out of their office without taking full advantage of your power. This is your golden opportunity to get further information for your job search. After all, you've earned it.
Remember, people usually want to help other people. It's a basic human emotion. When someone can help someone else in a small easy way, they will be glad to do so. All you have to do is ASK.

So ask a parting question such as:
"Is there someone else in the company that (is hiring, could use someone with my skills)?" or,
"Are there other divisions or sister companies that might need people like myself?" or
"What other companies in your niche should I also consider?" or
"Who do you know in the business community that I might introduce myself to?"
Make a list of these questions beforehand. Put them in your own words and pick the one or two that you feel the most comfortable with. Write these as part of your phone script and keep them handy when you’re on the phone. Commit them to memory and use them.

Bonus Tip: In parting, ask to leave your phone number with this individual in case they should come across another lead in the future and want to call you.

You will be amazed at the amount of support you get when you just ask. When you get a lead, thank them and always ask if you may use their name when you call in to speak with their referral.

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